The First Descendant Crashing and Not Launching Problems

The First Descendant is a loot-driven shooter that offers good weapon variety and decent visuals. However, it has some performance issues that make the gameplay frustrating.

The First Descendant is a decent entry point for looter shooter fans and those looking to try a new take on the genre. However, it does need to improve its performance on PCs, which can lead to stuttering and FPS drops and crashes. 

Lately, so many players have reported that they cannot launch The First Descendant. The issues reported with the game crashing at startup, not launching, stuck on the loading screen, and FPS drops. If you have encountered any of these issues, here is what you can do.

The First Descendant Crashing and Not Launching Problems Lawod ss
The First Descendant Crashing and Not Launching Problems 3

Verify the Integrity of The Game’s Files or Re-install The First Descendant

Many problems with the game launch are caused by incorrect installation. If there was an error during installation, try deleting the game and rerunning the installer, but don’t forget to disable antivirus before installing because it may delete files during installation. 

You should also perform the Steam Verify Integrity of Game Files to ensure that your files are not corrupted. This can be done by right-clicking on the game in your Library and selecting Properties.

Update The Game And Your Hardware’s Drivers

Developers usually release small patches for the game to fix the bugs. Check that you have the most recent patch of The First Descendant. To do that, first, close the Steam client and then restart Steam. When there is an update for the game, it should be visible to you.

It would help if you also kept your drivers for graphics cards updated.

The First Descendant Viessa Guide Lawod ss
The First Descendant Crashing and Not Launching Problems 4

Check Out Lawod’s The First Descendant Page

The First Descendant is a sci-fi looter shooter with high-quality fields developed using Unreal Engine 5 technology. It is set in the Ingris Continent, where humanity has been fighting for survival against the invading Vulgus and Colossi races. 

In the game, you play as a descendant and complete various missions to fight against these alien invaders. You can collect weapons and upgrades and upgrade mods and runes to customize your character. 

The First Descendant also supports co-op multiplayer, where you can play with other players and teams to complete world missions. Each mission will have specific objectives that you must complete in order to progress. 

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