Amazon Prime Gaming Free Games May 2023

Amazon Prime gamers can access a pile of free titles they can keep forever - from well-known studios to indie developers alike each month.

Amazon Prime can save money with benefits like free shipping and access to original series and movies. One lesser-known aspect of Prime Gaming, which offers in-game items and free games that can be downloaded and kept forever, may also help save you money.

Amazon Prime members can join Prime Gaming and claim in-game currency, cosmetic accouterments, and other goodies from various titles across dozens of genres – many only available through Amazon Games App (Windows PC only). To access your rewards, simply visit the Amazon Prime Gaming hub.

Amazon Prime subscribers will have the chance to claim 15 free games during May.

STAR WARS™: Rogue Squadron 3D – May 4

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D is an interactive flight combat sim that takes place during the time between Star Wars: A New Hope and its sequel, The Empire Strikes Back. Featuring 16 levels of galactic mayhem – including dogfights, air-to-air missions, and ground missions – and impressive special effects (including an imagined Tatooine skyline), Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D features impressive special effects such as its own skyline.

Amazon Prime Gaming makes it even easier: sign up and download this title free on PC (as long as you’re a member). In honor of Star Wars Day on May 4, Prime members can expect various Star Wars video games every week of May for free.

Super Sidekicks – May 4

Neo Geo consoles are known for their arcade-style games, such as Super Sidekicks for Super Neo Geo. It offers fast-paced, enjoyable, relaxing soccer gameplay, providing anyone with a quick football fix. This soccer game can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. Its straightforward control layout provides for intuitive shoot/pass options that are accessible and context-sensitive, along with some intriguing defensive moves like slide tackling.

Samurai Shodown IV – May 4

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Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge was originally released by SNK in 1993 as its fourth entry into their flagship fighting game series. It made waves by expanding beyond traditional kicks and punches into characters with weapons. Furthermore, this innovative game introduced different fighting styles that deviated from its traditional methods of movement.

Though developed nearly 27 years ago, this game still stands the test of time, offering tight controls and satisfying slashes and stabs. Furthermore, its fast and furious gameplay makes it ideal for novice gamers, as its simple control system offers easy learning curve.

Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition – May 11

Planescape is one of the most beloved video games ever produced and now receives a much-needed update in Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition. This Enhanced Edition comes packed with many features, from gameplay updates and bug fixes to high-res interface graphics and remastered music. BioWare’s Infinity Engine powers this two-dimensional RPG game that utilizes painted scenery and characters you can interact with by clicking them.

Gameplay features party-based action with up to five other companions for Nameless One’s journey through this game, each having the potential to change classes, alignment, and gain new abilities based on decisions you make in each decision tree.

This game boasts an unmistakably distinctive atmosphere and story, offering players an unforgettable experience as they fight strange creatures, engage in captivating dialogue, and discover all the wonders of Planescape in this 50+ hour RPG classic.

Lake – May 11

The graphic adventure game Lake is set in 1986, where players take on the role of Meredith Weiss upon returning home after 17 years away and is responsible for delivering mail in her hometown Providence Oaks.

Meredith travels the streets of Providence Oaks, encountering eccentric characters who need help. She offers her services whenever necessary – be it sampling a new disposable camera for sale at the local general store, transporting an injured cat back home, or helping local residents rent movies from a video rental store.

Robo Army – May 11

Robo Army is a Neo Geo arcade and home console beat-em-up similar to Final Fight and Streets of Rage but with a futuristic setting. This old-school side-scrolling game offers nostalgic fun.

Robo Army tells the tale of a mad scientist who plans on creating an army of robotic soldiers to destroy a city. Players one and two must work together as Cyborg heroes (players one and two, respectively) to protect it. As they fight their way through a jungle stage and various buildings to save it from falling under robotic army’s rule.

Last Resort – May 11

Last Resort is a co-op shooter game in which four players work together to defend a hotel on Mars from alien invasion forces using various weapons from your arsenal to defend against alien attacks and protect its guests.

SNK’s version of the game offers many bonuses that you can collect to assist your progress, such as speed-ups, power-ups, and various types of missiles. Furthermore, you can earn a shield module placed anywhere around the hotel and locked/unlocked using B. It comes in various colors, but its main purpose remains homing or sliding around obstacles.

Kardboard Kings – May 18

Kardboard Kings is an innovative simulation game combining business management, card games, and stock market simulation elements into one unique experience. You inherit your father’s card shop and each day purchase trading cards from various sources and sell them off to customers at your store; depending on events that unfold outside your store, these trading cards could either become more or less valuable depending on your decision-making processes.

The Almost Gone – May 18

The Almost Gone is a minimalist presentation with engaging gameplay mechanics to satisfy fans of point-and-click adventures and narrative puzzle games alike.

Beginning your adventure by awakening in an unfamiliar house with no idea why, you’re led through each room, searching for clues and objects in small dioramas that you can turn around to view from different perspectives.

With The Almost Gone‘s perspective-driven approach, you will navigate an unsettling, haunted setting that becomes ever more detached from reality as you explore more of its world. Its low-poly style and atmospheric soundtrack create a sense of dread on every step of your journey.

3 Count Bout – May 18

3 Count Bout was released in 1993 by SNK as an arcade wrestling game featuring 10 characters. This title offers various kinds of matches ranging from street fights and electrified-rope competitions to street brawls.

Each character features unique special moves and power attacks to use against their counterpart in one-on-one matches. Your goal should be to deplete their stamina meter before pinning them down for the infamous three counts!

Alpha Mission 2 – May 18

Alpha Mission 2 stands alone as one of the premier vertical shooters. You take control of a fighter spacecraft and attempt to outwit enemies by shooting at them from above or bombing them on the ground.

The game features an assortment of weapons, such as lasers, missiles, and speed boosts. Furthermore, you can upgrade your ship using “armours”, which in this review are bolt-on upgrades for its weaponry and ship itself. Each armour offers different advantages – Homing enables tracking enemy ships while Bubble covers them with mini turrets; Black Hole opens a massive rift to drown competitors out.

Alpha Mission 2 remains an enjoyable game and offers a fresh take on an overlooked genre; therefore, it should be part of Hamster Corp’s latest Arcade Archives release.

Lila’s Sky Ark – May 25

Lila’s Sky Ark takes players on an unforgettable top-down pixel journey through an intricate topographical dreamscape filled with bizarre plants and fauna. A mix of metroidvania and action-adventure, exploration puzzles, combat gathering recipes, map shards (extra health) flower petals (extra life points). All contributing to an enjoyable gameplay experience.

Lila’s Sky Ark combat consists primarily of picking up objects like pots, bombs, and rocks and throwing them at enemies. Although initially, this might feel cumbersome, once you master picking up and throwing items, it can quickly become enjoyable.

As you explore, you will encounter various quirky characters – some friendly, some strange – who will keep your attention engaged with their fascinating stories and lives. Additionally, letters hidden in mailboxes provide insights into Lila’s world while revealing bits of Lila’s tale and helping you explore more fully what lies beyond.

Agatha Knife – May 25

Mango Protocol has released another captivating point-and-click game combining dark humor with challenging puzzles in an interesting world that provides both entertainment and thought-provoking experiences.

Agatha Knife is an adventure game with a darkly comedic tone. It centers on Agatha, a young girl who runs her mother’s butcher shop together. Her love for animals makes her unwavering in her desire to eat them, yet this may lead to some unusual choices being made along the way.

King of the Monsters 2 – May 25

SNK’s Neo Geo version of King of the Monsters proved an unqualified success. Boasting city-shredding action mixed with kaiju-esque elements, this fantasy game became a favorite with fans everywhere.

King of the Monsters 2 was released in 1992 as a sequel that drastically shifted its style. While its predecessor featured traditional fighting/wrestling action, this second entry instalment took on more of a Beat them Up style where players progress through stages to fight bosses at the end of each level.

KOM2 takes an innovative approach by adding items that allow players to upgrade their monster’s health and attack power, which you can collect when trashing buildings or killing enemies. There are three sizes – small, medium, and large – and each will restore some health back.

The game features side-scrolling levels set across various locations around the world. Unlike its predecessor, these levels have multiple smaller sections for an engaging experience and enable two players to battle one another.

Kizuna Encounter – May 25

Kizuna Encounter from SNK provides some unique gameplay. Players create teams of two fighters and use weapons in single-round sudden-death tag-team matches to achieve victory. SNK recently revived this forgotten classic through Hamster’s Neo Geo Classics range on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch – making Kizuna Encounter available once again!

The controls are relatively intuitive: pressing “A” performs a punch, “B” kicks, and “C” launches weapon attacks; defense maneuvers are performed using “A” and “B” while pressing toward your opponent while holding “A” and “B” to execute a “sway” behind them. Overall, Kizuna Encounter is an impressive Neo Geo game. The graphics are outstanding, while its blend of dark backgrounds and large character sprites harken back to older Neo Geo games like Art of Fighting.

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