Bendy and the Dark Revival Betty – Characteristic Features and More

Bendy and the Dark Revival offers a great list of characters. These characters make the storyline richer. Here is one of these characters, named Betty, who has a lot of fans.

Although Bendy and the Dark Revival‘s story focuses on Audrey’s adventures, she is not the only one in Bendy and the Dark Revival. There are also supporting characters. Betty is one of the supporting characters in the game. She has a huge fan community.

Betty is the supporting character of Bendy and the Dark Revival. She wears a black dress, a wooden mask, a strapless beige top, and a black ribbon choker.

Her hands are covered with black nail polish, and she has a wooden bob cut with a black waistband. She also has black lipstick, seems soft-spoken, and has a bit of a mysterious air. 

Betty knows about everything that has been going on in the studio. However, she does not speak much about the other NPCs; she mostly responds to Audrey’s interactions.

As we mentioned before, she’s a soft-spoken character. She doesn’t seem to mind if she’s smacked with a pipe, but she doesn’t seem to want to be smacked with a pipe.

In the game, she’s got a side quest that will require you to visit a farmer’s market. After you’ve beaten Lord Amok, you’ll find that the market is located on the street you’ve just gained. You’ll have to use the subway train to get back to the city.

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