Bendy and the Dark Revival Endings Explained

There are different endings to Bendy and the Dark Revival, such as the Gainax and True Dark Revival endings. Check out to discover all Bendy and the Dark Revival endings.

Taking a break from the cartoon world of Bendy and the Ink Machine, Bendy and the Dark Revival focuses on the real world. The game features Audrey Drew, Joey Drew’s daughter, who is part human and part ink. As Audrey, you’ll have to fight to survive the ink-tainted world. But the end can be different based on your actions…

In the first part of the story of Bendy and the Dark Revival, Henry is sucked into the time loop, unable to return to the real world. He is trapped in the Studio where his father, Joey Drew, was a music director. Eventually, Henry is able to defeat theĀ Ink Demon, but he loses his memory. He meets up with Joey, and the two talk about diverging paths. During this time, Joey reveals that he is Audrey’s father.

The second part of the story introduces a new character, Audrey Drew. She is the daughter of Joey Drew and is also the ink employee of the Studio. She is also trapped in the Studio’s ink-filled world. In order to break the cycle, she must rescue everyone in the Studio.

The third part of the story brings a new enemy, the Ink Demon. It corners Audrey outside the Gent building. She has to fight for her life. She learns how to avoid hostile ink entities. In the final part of the game, Audrey is able to play the reel, bringing her to the real world.

Bendy and the Dark Revival Endings Explained
Bendy and the Dark Revival Endings Explained 2

All Bendy and the Dark Revival Endings

Currently, there are three different endings in Bendy and the Dark Revival. Depending on how much time you spend in the game, you can choose the one that suits you the best. Regardless of which end you pick, you’ll be rewarded with an entertaining story, puzzles, and a lot of ink.

Old Endings and New Beginnings

The first ending is the “Old Endings and New Beginnings” sequence, which starts with a sad piano melody and ends with a triumphant, loud tune. It plays after the reveal of the twisted Alice Angel. During this sequence, you can play around with Audrey’s inked hands. Then, you’ll see her go through Body Horror. Then, she’ll roll around the room as the credits roll.

Insane Dark Revival Ending

The second ending is the “Insane Dark Revival Ending,” which is only possible if you’ve completed the whole game. After finishing Chapter 5, you’ll be able to access the final room, where you’ll be able to place the “The End” reel. When you do, the game will broadcast the words “The End” on several screens. When the final reel is played, the game dissolves, and you’ll be back to the beginning of the story. This is the best possible ending in the game since it’s the one that most players consider the most impressive.

Gainax Ending

The third ending is the “Gainax Ending,” which is the same as the Insane Dark Revival Ending but much shorter. The main difference is that in this ending, you’ll be able to see Audrey’s perfect Bendy. You’ll also be able to see Audrey resurrecting her father, Henry. The game will then conclude with a monologue from Audrey over Joey’s old apartment.

The End

The End Reel is not an actual ending but an element that determines the ending. The “The End” reel is a small tape that will be placed into the Projector in the final room. Once you do this, you’ll be able to play the “The End” reel and send Audrey back to the real world. This will stop part of the time loop cycle, and you’ll be able to continue the story in the future.

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