Bendy and the Dark Revival Voice Actors

For those curious, here is a list of Bendy and the Dark Revival voice actors.

Bendy and the Dark Revival is an excellent game that offers a great story with an entertaining art style. So it wouldn’t be wrong if we said the story is intriguing, the art style is entertaining, and the voice acting is terrific.

Let’s give a little bit of information about the Bendy and the Dark Revival for those who have never heard of the game. If you’re one of them, you can also take a look at Lawod’s review of Bendy and the Dark Revival.

Originally, the game was standalone; however, after the bankruptcy of Joey Drew Studios, Archgate Pictures took over the Bendy cartoons and turned them into a direct sequel to the original. 

Unlike the first game, Bendy and the Dark Revival is a darker experience with horror-themed action. In addition to new characters and enemies, players are also challenged with puzzles.

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Bendy and the Dark Revival ss
Bendy and the Dark Revival Voice Actors 2

Bendy and the Dark Revival has a crew of wonderful voice actors. Here is a list of Bendy and the Dark Revival voice actors for those curious:

  • Erin Lehn: Audrew Drew (voice)
  • Dave Rivas: Joey Drew (voice)
  • Sean Crisden: The Ink Demon (voice)
  • Erik Braa: Porter (voice)
  • TheMeatly: Henry Stein (voice)
  • Rick Zieff: Dale DuFrane (voice)
  • Aaron Landon: Sammy Lawrence (voice)
  • Cassie Weiss: Jane Todd (voice)
  • Tim Simmons: Wilson / The Lost Ones (voice)
  • Lauren Synger: Alice Angel / Alison (voice)
  • Ally Murphy: Betty (voice)
  • Lani Minella: Heidi / Kay Lee / The Keepers / The Lost Ones (voice)
  • Mark Dadson: Nathan Arch / The Lost Ones (voice)
  • Joe Thomes: Angus Newman / The Lost Ones (voice)
  • Bookpast: Jack Fain (voice)
  • Dan Tozer: Bill Danton (voice)
  • Benoit Lacroix: Hank Scott (voice)
  • Audrey Hotte: Grace Conway (voice)
  • Sean McLoughlin: Shawn Rynn (voice) ( as ‘ JackSeptic Eye’)
  • Will Ryan: Grant Cohen (voice) ( as ‘ Will DAFames Ryan’)
  • Mike Bambridge: Archie Carter (voice) (as ‘SuperHorrorBro’)
  • Lewis Dawkins: Lance Derby (voice) ( as ‘Dawko’)
  • Jake Kimmerer: Phil Clark (voice) (as ‘VaporThGamer’)
  • TheCartoonKitty: Kitty Thompson (voice)
  • Derek McEwan: Steve McGregor (voice)
  • Jason Charles Miller: The Keepers (voice)
  • Becky Shrimpton: The Lost Ones (voice)
  • Heather Beaman: The Lost Ones (voice)
  • Jen Lawson: The Lost Ones (voice)
  • Melanie Davis: The Lost Ones (voice)
  • Nneka Atto: The Lost Ones (voice)
  • John Meissner: Piper (voice)

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