Bendy and the Dark Revival – Ink Demon

The Ink Demon is an annoying enemy in Bendy and the Dark Revival. It is like the Tyrant characters in Resident Evil games, which means it suddenly shows up from nowhere.

Bendy and the Dark Revival is the follow-up to Bendy and the Ink Machine, which hit PC and Xbox last year. The sequel focuses on Audrey’s journey to escape the studio and evade the Ink Demon. The game introduces new gameplay elements and mechanics and a new character.

Audrey has only a short time to hide before the Ink Demon spawns in her face. The Ink Demon is a sinister demonic creature. It can be found in vent systems and lockers. It will devour you if you don’t hide quickly enough.

The Ink Demon is one of the biggest threats in the ink world. If Ink Bendy catches you, he will kill you instantly.

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Who is Ink Demon?

Ink Demon, which is voiced by Sean Crisde (check out all the Bendy and the Dark Revival voice actors), is not the kind of character you can fight against. When you see it, don’t try to fight it, just evade it because you can’t kill it. At least not yet. Your mission is to end the dominion of the Ink Demon‘s dark rule.

Audrey has been given the task of saving the day. She’s also been able to move between worlds. She’s been given a special tool, the Seeing Tool, which can allow her to see hidden messages. She’s also been given the opportunity to break the Ink Demon‘s rule. She can also use the Seeing Optic to send messages to a nearby location.

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