Blacktail – Baba Yaga’s Story Is Now In A Game

Blacktail is a first-person shooter developed by the Polish studio Parasight. It was released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PCs on December 15, 2022. Check out this article to get information on what the game is, how to play it, and the voice actors who portray the characters in the game.

Blacktail is a new first-person shooter that blends archery, survival, and fantasy into a surrealist narrative. It is set in a world based on the mythical Baba Yaga, a Slavic folktale character. In this game, you play a girl named Yaga. She is a teenager who has been kicked out of her village. Luckily, a mysterious voice appears in her head and guides her to seek out her twin sister. But the villagers have been calling Yaga a witch.

Blacktail’s story is ambitious, but it also has a lot of good points. For one, the plot is incredibly unique, which makes it all the more fun to experience. There are many choices the player can make that will change how they see the characters and the story.

The gameplay is very easy to pick up. The only downside is that the controls are not very precise. There are no physical melee attacks, but Yaga can use her bow to hit the opponents with a range of different arrows. These arrows have different effects.

While the game’s acting is sometimes a bit iffy, the voice actors are great across the board. Yaga’s voice actor is particularly good, delivering an excellent performance.

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Blacktail Offers an Ambitious Story

The game’s protagonist, Yaga, is a 16-year-old witch ostracized by her village. Her sister, Zora, mysteriously disappears. She is banished to the forest, where she is forced to hunt down walking spirits. Her quest takes her through a magical world where she hears a mysterious voice that tells her what to do. Eventually, she discovers that her future self is one of light or darkness. This means she can choose between the two and decide whether to become a good or evil witch.

When Yaga gets to a small hut, she finds a cauldron and her first witchy lesson. She is then forced to face her memories, which roam the world. During her adventure, Yaga must battle mischievous spirits and creatures. She gets help from a strange black cat that helps her teleport back to the hut.

Blacktail is an enchanting game that features beautiful visuals and a rich fantasy world. Although the game’s world is not entirely open, many side paths and shortcuts can be found.

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Open-World Map Full Of Exploration and Puzzle Elements

The world of Blacktail is a magical, surreal world with forests, castles, and swamps that are beautifully drawn. Depending on the season, the world will change, adding a variety of ideas and little touches to the gameplay.

At the same time, Blacktail’s world is just as dangerous during the day as at night. Besides, the game features a morality system that measures the number of interactions the player has with the world. This affects some quests and conversations.

Aside from the game’s combat and exploration, Blacktail also has puzzles. It includes a variety of different ideas and interesting little touches, such as the ability to choose a hedgehog’s life. However, the most exciting parts of the game are the explorative elements.

Blacktail Voice Actors

Blacktail has a big crew of voice actors. Here’s the full list of the actors who give their voices to the characters in Blacktail:

  • Valerie Rose Lohman – Yaga
  • Avalon Penrose – The Voice
  • Adam Darski – The Black Cat
  • Beau Marie – Borvy Borko / Slippery Jack / Knight / Rebel / Spy / Whacko / Elder Mushroom / Twigg / Bloom / Floret / Bud / Mushroom Kids / Other Grand Mushrooms / Other Cursed Mushrooms / Henrik (voice)
  • Ian Russell – Pee Wee / Lee Wee / Boruta / Hunky / Sprout / Drath’eff Kha / Spiders / Villager
  • Anna Coombes
  • Luci Fish
  • Rebekah Mcloughlin
  • Nicholas Richardson
  • James Flynn
  • Maja Policarpo
  • Kacper Gwiszcz
  • Bartosz Kapron – Gnoll / Babok
  • Nikodem Wojciechowski – Babok

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