FNAF Security Breach Characters

Five Night At Freddy’s is one of the best horror series that is widely popular all around the world. The series became so successful that it is defining the genre right now. If you have not played FNAF Security Breach yet, we highly recommend you do so.

Just like the other games in the series, FNAF Security Breach also has plenty of characters. Besides the new ones, we also see returning characters, which were not available in the previous game. Thus, we have compiled some of the most important and adored characters for you.


The original name of Vanny is Vanessa and she is also known as Reluctant Follower. Although she looks like a rabbit, she is actually a human who follows the orders of Glitchtrap. She is one of the main characters of the FNAF VR Game.

This is her second appearance in the series, and she is also one of the main characters in this game too. Also, in the FNAF Security Breach, we are going to learn that Vanny and Vanessa are the same women.


As we noted before, Vanny and Vanessa are the same people. However, Vanny wears a rabbit suit, which makes it impossible to notice that she is Vanessa. In addition to this Vanessa is a blonde woman with freckles on her face.

She is famous for her purple nails and blonde ponytail. Besides this, she wears a white shirt and a black cap. Vanessa works as a security guard in the facility. The gold security available on her belt can also attract your attention.



Gregory is one of the main characters in FNAF Security Breach. He is a young boy, who attracts attention with his messy brown hair. He is wearing a blue shirt with a white top on it. In addition to this, he is wearing khaki shorts with white and red sneakers.

Besides his clothing, he also has two bandages, one of them is on his knee and the other one is under his right eye. Thanks to the special watch he is wearing, he can access the security cams in the facility.

Glamrock Bonnie

Glamrock Bonnie is another important character in the FNAF Security Breach, which we have seen for the first time in the series. In fact, we cannot see him but his illustration. It seems like he is a blue rabbit with pinkish eyes.

We are going to contact Glamrock Bonnie through the messages he left for us in the FNAF Security Breach. We believe that we will see this cute bunny in the following games more than usual. However, for now, our interaction with him is highly limited in the FNAF Security Breach.

Glamrock Freddy

Glamrock Bonnie is the protector of Gregory, and he is ready for whatever it takes to protect him. He is actually the lead singer of Glamrock. It is worth noting that FNAF Security Breach is the first game that we see Glamrock Bonnie.

He is animatronic that carries a mic and its stand with him. In general, he is made of blue and orange colors, but he has some blue lines on his face and blue thunder on his chest.

Other Animatronics

There is also other animatronics that you are going to see in the FNAF security Breach. These characters are Glamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator, Roxanne Wolf, The Daycare Attendant, S.T.A.F.F. Bots, DJ Music Man, and Wind-Up Music Man.

Moreover, other characters include Glamrock Endoskeletons, Wet Floor Bot, Glamrock Mr. Hippo, The Blob, and Burntrap. Besides these animatronics, there are also returning characters, which are Dread Unit and Glamrock Helpy.

We highly recommend giving FNAF Security Breach a chance, especially if you love playing horror games. It will offer you more than you expect and we bet you are going to be addicted to it.

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