Janitor Bleeds Review

Janitor Bleeds was released today. Here is everything you need to know.

Since the birth of gaming, horror has been a popular and well-received genre for video games. Zombies, serial killers, monsters, and the soundtrack when you are alone in a dark place (this is a little specific, but every horror player will know what we are talking about) put you in a mood. The absolute worst is when you can’t see but feel that something is watching you. Never knowing what’s behind you, sending shivers down your body all the time you’re playing. That feeling is created with nostalgic graphics in JANITOR BLEEDS. Everything on a checklist is in the game: thrills, puzzles, mysteries, and MOPPING THE FLOOR! (That might not sound very scary until you play the game.) Well, then what is JANITOR BLEEDS?

JANITOR BLEEDS is a retro-inspired psychological horror game where you play in an old arcade. The game was made by a Finnish team called Korpus and published by Bonus Stage Publishing, which has four other games released on Steam. 

In the old arcade, you will find the arcade game called JANITOR. The game made us laugh a little at first, but now, all that causes are nightmares. After inserting a few coins, the horror begins.

The game is not all about superficial horrors; it’s more about not knowing what’s behind your back. The Game Designer of JANITOR BLEEDS, Elias Massa, stated, “When you are playing a horror game, you might not have any idea what is happening behind you when you are focusing on the screen.”

As for the graphics, the developers stated that the game is inspired by the 90s video game style. So, we are in for a treat. As Lawod, we got the game before it was released, so we have more to say about the gameplay and the story.


You start the game as a man who has gone missing. His car was found on a forest road, but there was no trace of him. Also, there were other cases of missing people in the same area, which is always good to hear. You open your eyes next to (assuming it’s yours) a car. While you are looking for a shelter, you see an old arcade. You’ll wish you hadn’t found it, and you’ll wish you just kept walking into the forest… 

Somehow, you manage to get into the arcade. The inside of the place is what you would expect from an old arcade. There are arcade machines, air hockey, pinball, and several coins. We almost forgot to tell you that there is a cute pink bear who plays with an arcade machine in the store. FYI, don’t disturb the bear because s/he doesn’t like it. 

Anyway, after you have managed to get into the arcade, you will find a key that will lead you to the JANITOR. By using your coins, you can start to play the game. But, the mopping will end early because a creature from the hall will disturb you. You will have to wait a while with a chilling soundtrack and make sure your visitor is gone. When you are safe, you will find a way to get into the room again. And you’ll see the JANITOR again! 

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JANITOR really wants you to play the game. While you are mopping, the visitor comes back to say hi again. But this time, you will need to hide. When he has gone, you will be able to proceed. You’ll find yourself back at the main hall, where you will play the game one last time and hope the JANITOR is satisfied so that he lets you go. You check the place where you found it first, but, to your surprise, it’s gone. 

The visitor, who is very pissed off because you are running away from him, comes back to see you. You should have to hide again. After that, you’ll go back to the main hall, play the game once again, open the door, and… That’s it. This is all we have for now. 

Honestly, the demo was pretty good. Every time you open a door or walk to another room, you feel like something is watching you. If this is what the demo has, we are terrified (in a good sense) of how the game will be.

With its PS1-style graphics and thrilling soundtrack, Janitor Bleeds offers a horrifying gaming experience. The feel of the visuals is so nostalgic and brings back many memories from the old days. It brings memories back from the time when you were playing a game on a tiny screen or in an arcade with your friends. It gives a sense of happiness to see how much gaming has progressed. The Korpus has made a game where we can feel those times again. The game they made is not just a good horror experience, but a reminder, a time machine.

JANITOR BLEEDS System Requirements

JANITOR BLEEDS will be coming out today on Steam, Epic Games, GOG, and Xbox. Be sure to add “JANITOR BLEEDS” to your game library on Steam and other platforms. The minimum system requirements for the game are:

  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • CPU: Intel i3 @ 2.00 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti or newer
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB of available space

We are so excited about the upcoming release. What are your thoughts about the game? Let us know below.

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