Octopath Traveler Tier List

Octopath Traveler is a nonlinear RPG game that follows the stories of eight protagonists. However, this game has many other characters other than just the protagonists...

You can only remove one of these Octopath Traveler characters from your party until you finish their story, which means you can experience all eight main stories in a single playthrough. The game features unique characters, like the Octopaths Ophelia, Agnes, and Primrose. The following is the whole Octopath Traveler tier list.

Octopath Traveller Champions of the Continent Tier List

The game’s cast is quite large. Besides the Octopath characters, the game also features characters from the hit JRPG Bravely Default. These characters are part of a crossover event that takes place for a limited time. Currently, two BD characters are available for play, with two more set to follow in a later patch.

Octopath Traveler Tier List Lawod-1-1
Octopath Traveler Tier List 2
S TierPrimroseDarkDancer
S TierLynetteFireDancer
S TierOdetteWind, LightScholar
S TierTheoLightningApothecary
S TierViolaFireThief
S TierHasumiLightDancer
S TierSofiaIceScholar
S TierKourenLightWarrior
S TierElizaLightWarrior
S TierFioreDarkWarrior
A TierGilderoyLightningMerchant
A TierH’aanitLightningHunter
A TierScarecrowWindHunter
A TierTressaWindMerchant
A TierHeathcoteWindThief
A TierMillardLightCleric
A TierTikilenWindWarrior
A TierThereseLightningScholar
A TierTrishWindWarrior
B TierShelbyIceApothecary
B TierAslyteIceThief
B TierPiaLightMerchant
B TierCedricFireCleric
B TierMadelaineLightningCleric
B TierBertrandLightningHunter
B TierIrisIceDancer
B TierSigridLightningWarrior
B TierBarradFireMerchant
B TierHelgaIceMerchant
B TierMennoWindCleric
B TierWingateDarkThief
B TierFabioWindDancer
B TierDevinWindMerchant
B TierLauraLightningScholar
B TierNoelleWindScholar
B TierMabelLightningDancer
C TierCamillaFireHunter
C TierRodionDarkApothecary
C TierMerritLightApothecary
C TierRamonaIceCleric
C TierKurtzWindThief
C TierLucettaIceHunter
C TierMilesLightWarrior
C TierMeenaLightDancer
C TierClessLightningThief
C TierHeinzDarkScholar
C TierAshlanDarkHunter
C TierPeredirFireScholar
C TierTahirFireWarrior
C TierDiegoFireThief
C TierEuniceLightScholar
C TierVivianLightHunter
C TierNannaDarkWarrior
C TierYugoIceWarrior
C TierTellyIceCleric
C TierJoseLightCleric
C TierRitaWindApothecary
F TierDorrieDarkScholar
F TierManuelWindDancer
F TierCarrollWindMerchant
F TierEvelynDarkDancer
F TierHarryFireDancer
F TierConnyLightningMerchant
F TierSariaIceApothecary
F TierFellineLightningThief
F TierPearlFireCleric
F TierJulioIceScholar
F TierMennyLightWarrior
F TierBillyLightThief
F TierPennyLightningApothecary
F TierJuanDarkMerchant
F TierJorgeFireApothecary
F TierGutiWindHunter
F TierSunnyDarkHunter

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