Octopi Game – Another Squid Game Based Video Game

Octopi Game is another fun game that was developed after the famous TV series Squid Games. Just like the attendants in the original TV series, you are going to play some children’s games to bet your opponents. If you are looking for a challenging yet fun game that will put pressure on you, Octopi Game can be it.

We believe many players are going to love this game a lot. If you watched Squid Games and wanted to be one of those participants, this Squid Game based video game offers this opportunity to you. 

Many different games were developed by getting inspiration from Squid Games. But none of them has great graphics like Octopi Game. We have seen Crab Game by Dani before, and it was amazing too.

Octopi Game Overview

The logic of the game is pretty simple. All you need to do is follow the rules on each map and try to complete the stage before time runs out or passes away. We need to warn you that the game is highly challenging, and you are going to compete against other players. You may find more about the game on the gameplay video.

This means that Octopi Game is an online game, and you can even chat with other players while playing. Unfortunately, the game is only available on PCs for now. You can play Octopi Game on Windows-operated computers without any problems. We believe that the developers will also develop the game for other platforms once they fully release the game.

Octopi Game is now available only on itch.io for free of charge. It is currently in beta but looks nice already. Before you get the game, don’t forget to support the developer Poly Adventure-ReckDev.

Octopi Game Editor Rating: 4/5

The first and most important reason why you should play Octopi Game is it offers an amazing adventure. You can be one of the participants in the Squid Games and make your own decisions to win the rounds. If you believe in yourself that you can win the prize, then you need to give it a try.

Moreover, the game became very popular in a very short time. This means that you can find plenty of players to compete with. If you enjoy playing online games against plenty of players, Octopi Game offers what you are looking for.

The game appeals to people of all ages and offers a great opportunity to have fun! We highly recommend this game to everyone, especially those who are huge fans of Squid Games.

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