Predecessor Fighter Heroes

Explore Predecessor Fighter Heroes in-depth with our guide, featuring strategies, tips, and hero breakdowns to dominate the battlefield!

Check out the most fascinating and formidable Predecessor Fighter Heroes, from the celestial might of Serath to the untamed ferocity of Khaimera, the stoic resilience of Greystone, the mechanical precision of Crunch, the enigmatic Zarus, the agile Kira, and the brute strength of Grux, each hero offers a unique style and strategic depth that can captivate any player.

Our Predecessor Fighter Heroes guide will provide you with an in-depth look at their abilities, playstyles, and how to leverage their strengths to secure victory for your team.

Fighter Characters in MOBA Games

In MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, fighter characters play a critical role in leading their team to victory. These heroes are well-known for their robustness and high damage output, making them crucial in front-line battles. They have the ability to adjust to different stages of the game, providing strategic versatility and excelling in small skirmishes, team battles, and protecting their allies.

Iconic fighter heroes like Garen from League of Legends, Axe from Dota 2, and Orphea from Heroes of the Storm are unique in their abilities and gameplay, highlighting the importance of these characters in their respective games. To become an expert in these heroes, it’s essential to have a strategic mindset along with physical prowess. Effective itemization, timing of engagements, and team coordination are key to unleashing their full potential and securing victory in the arena.

Fighter characters in Predecessor are Serath, Khaimera, Greystone, Crunch, Zarus, Kira, and Grux. These characters have unique playstyles and abilities. Now, let’s talk about each Predecessor Fighter Heroes:


Serath, a.k.a. Heavenly Avenger, is a melee carry that has unique abilities and playstyle. Serath challenges the heavens with divine retribution. Serath’s holy fury is unleashed in a spectacle of celestial barrage, smiting foes with fire that bathes the battlefield.

Serath is a powerful warrior who can move quickly and unpredictably on the battlefield. She combines divine strength with relentless attacks to become a formidable opponent.

When Serath uses her ultimate move, Heresey, she transforms into a demonic form and deals 60 (+50%) physical damage to nearby enemies, causing them to catch fire at Level 1.

For the next 7 seconds, Serath gains a 12.00% increase in movement speed and 20% increase in attack speed. Additionally, her basic attack becomes empowered with Infernal Strikes.

Infernal Strikes causes enemies to catch fire upon being hit, dealing 30 (+25%) true damage over a period of 4 seconds.

Serath Playstyle Tips

  • Utilize her aerial mobility to dodge enemy abilities and position yourself for devastating counterattacks.
  • Timing her ultimate can turn the tide of team fights, offering both offensive and defensive advantages.


Khaimera, known as the Jungle Predator, is a beginner-level character ideal for players who enjoy an aggressive playstyle. He excels in melee combat with rapid attacks, making him a formidable jungler. His abilities, such as the “Spirit Regeneration” passive, “Hack” basic attack, “Ambush” alternate attack, “Unleash” primary, “Invigorate” secondary, and the “Cull” ultimate, make him a relentless force in close-quarters combat​​.

When Khaimera uses his signature move, Cull, at Level 1, he will slice all Enemies in front of him after a brief channel. This move will stun them for 1.25 seconds and deal 175 (+160%) physical damage over 6 hits. Additionally, Khaimera will receive 5 Spirit Regeneration stacks for each Enemy Hero hit.

Khaimera Playstyle Tips

  • Focus on building stacks of his regenerative ability by staying in combat, enhancing his survivability.
  • Use his leap to initiate fights or chase down fleeing enemies, securing critical kills for your team.


Greystone is an “Undying Vanguard,” a beginner-level tank character. His resilience is his forte, capable of rising again after defeat, making him a tough opponent in prolonged battles. Greystone’s abilities include the “Stoicism” passive, “Noble Strike” basic attack, “Assault The Gates” alternate attack, “Make Way” primary, “Sacred Oath” secondary, and the “Stone Forged Soul” ultimate​​.

When using the Stone Forged Soul move in Level 1, you will enter Stasis for 2.5 seconds. During this time, you will restore 14.00% of your maximum health, which may increase up to 3 times based on how much health you are missing. Additionally, nearby enemies will be slowed by up to 70%

After 2.5 seconds in Stasis, you will crash down and deal 250 (+80%) physical damage to nearby enemies. You will also gain maximum stacks of Stoicism.

Greystone Playstyle Tips

  • Lead your team into battle, using your durability to absorb enemy abilities.
  • Time your resurrection wisely, ensuring you’re in the midst of enemies to maximize the impact of your return.


Crunch, a.k.a. Combo Brawler, is a highly skilled fighter who is great at stringing together combos, which means he can beat his enemies quickly. He is a robot who punches really hard and can take down even the toughest opponents.

Crunch has five different moves: “Cross Crunch,” “Forward Crunch,” “Left Crunch,” “Right Crunch,” and “Re-Crunch,” which is his most powerful move. 

Crunch’s “Re-Crunch” move has two states: Passive and Active. When in Passive mode, Crunch will regain health after every third attack or ability hit against Heroes or Monsters. The amount of health regained is 10 (+30%)(+20%) in Level 1. In addition, every third ability used within 10 seconds will be Empowered. When in Active mode, the last basic ability used will be repeated.

Crunch can also play two different roles in the game: Offlane and Jungle, so he is a versatile character to use. 

Crunch Playstyle Tips

  • Master his combo system to unleash devastating sequences of attacks, maximizing your damage output.
  • Positioning is key; ensure you’re in the right place to capitalize on his area-of-effect abilities.


Zarus is a warrior known as “The Champion Of Nyr.” His weapon of choice is a shield and spear, and he dominates the battlefield in his pursuit of godhood. 

One of his signature moves is called Coliseum Attack. This move allows him to leap at an Enemy Hero, dealing 150 (+100%) physical damage in Level 1. When he uses this move, a Coliseum is summoned for 6 seconds, and the bonus from Gladiator is doubled. Additionally, if the target is killed within the duration of the Coliseum, Zarus will permanently gain 4 Physical Powers. He can end the move early by recasting it.

Zarus Playstyle Tips

  • Balance your use of magic and melee to keep enemies guessing and off-balance.
  • Use his mobility to evade enemy attacks, striking when they least expect it.


Kira is another fighter character in Predecessor known as Shadow Huntress. She is a skilled huntress who hunts her prey quietly. She moves quickly and strikes with deadly accuracy. This makes her a valuable asset in the game, as she offers new tactical options for players who want to slice through their opponents with speed and precision.

Kira’s special move is called Purge. When you use this move in Level 1, a lot of arrows and bullets will rain down for 3 seconds, and nearby enemy units will take 200 (+360%) physical damage over this time. You can also benefit from lifesteal, critical strikes, and on-hit effects at 30% effectiveness when you use this move. 

However, during this time, Kira won’t be able to attack or use any abilities except for Shadow Glide. She can move around, but her speed will be slowed down by 40%.

Kira Playstyle Tips

  • Utilize her speed to navigate the battlefield, engaging and disengaging with ease.
  • Timing her abilities can ensure she remains a constant threat, darting in and out of combat.


Predecessor Fighter Heroes - Grux
Predecessor Fighter Heroes 2

Grux, along with other characters like Zarus and Kira, has unique abilities and roles in the game. You can expect him to have distinct capabilities that align with the game’s strategic and action-packed nature. Grux is a powerful warlord who uses his strength to overpower his enemies. He is skilled in controlling crowds and denying areas to his enemies.

Grux’s special move is called Warlords Challenge. When playing at Level 1, Grux can stun all nearby Enemy Heroes for 0.5 seconds by slamming his clubs together. For the next 8 seconds, Grux can gain 30% attack speed and can also make his attacks against Enemy Heroes more powerful. This allows him to repeatedly steal 4 physical power on-hit, which returns after 4 seconds.

Grux Playstyle Tips

  • Leverage his crowd control abilities to disrupt enemy formations, creating openings for your team.
  • Focus on positioning to maximize the impact of his devastating charge and area-of-effect abilities.

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