Shatterline Weapons List

Shatterline offers a wide range of weapon classes and weapons to players. Thus, we wanted to share the complete Shatterline weapons list with you to make your pick easily.

Shatterline is a new first-person shooter game that you can play for free. Shatterline is also similar to both Overwatch and Dirty Bomb in that it offers eight different operations and stands out with its fast-paced adventure.

Although it is a relatively new game, it gets a lot of positive feedback from players. The game has great graphics and a lot of different weapons and operators to choose from. Currently, the game has 8 operators and 25 weapons.

These 25 weapons are grouped into five classes, which are sidearms, shotguns, submachine guns, sniper rifles, and assault rifles. In other words, Shatterline offers a wide range of guns that can appeal to any combat style.

Thus, you may want to know all your alternatives before you start! If this is the case, we’ve got your back! We have covered all the weapons and weapons classes for you in this guide. You may feel regret if you forget to check them.

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Sidearms in Shatterline are not very effective in all games. However, they can be quite practical when you run out of ammo or need to burst damage without the need to change the magazine of your primary weapon.

  • U44 Culverina
  • U22 Svarog
  • Lupara Compatta
  • G7 Springer
  • G4 Earl


Shotguns in Shatterline are highly effective only if you use them in close-range combat. Your enemies will not stand a chance against you when you equip any of the following shotguns in your encounters.

  • R60 Gevaudan
  • R21 Brute
  • M2 Tactical SAS
  • Black Falcon II
  • Berlington TAX

Submachine Guns

If you love fighting from a mid-range, then submachine guns in Shatterline can be highly beneficial for you. The game offers a wide range of science-fiction submachine guns that are highly appealing.

  • Z-940 Drachen
  • Tornado
  • Firespray
  • Cinetech M5
  • A-1 Centurion

Sniper Rifles

If you love to keep your distance and hunt down your enemies from afar, then these sniper rifles are just for you! Shatterline sniper rifles are not like others. They are mobile, fancy, and quite effective, as usual.

  • TWD X-treme
  • SAG-8 Reaper
  • Presarm VX-7
  • Impala
  • Dragonfly

Assault Rifles

Of course, the assault rifles in Shatterline can help you polish your gaming experience with their diversity. Here are all the assault rifles in the game.

  • Zenith
  • XM-27 Pacifier
  • XM-40 Conciliator
  • A-3 Pilum
  • A-9 Legatus

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