Sons of the Forest Guns List

When playing the game Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to know what guns you have available. This is important because the game lets you choose between various types of guns that will help you in various situations. It also lets you customize your weapon’s appearance. Since the game has not been released yet, we will try to give brief information about the Sons of the Forest gun list in this post.

Before we go through all of the available guns in the game, let’s go over what the Sons of the Forest are. Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that focuses on exploring forests. It was created by the same company that created “The Forest.” The game begins with your character falling into a disaster, and you must explore the forest to find a way out. Along the way, you will run into danger, like creatures that look like people, and you will also have hallucinations.

Sons of the Forest Guns List Axe Lawod
Sons of the Forest Guns List 2

All the Weapons We Know So Far

Sons of the Forest has not been released yet, so we don’t have much information about the game. Trailers and some confirmed information are all we’ve got about the game.

We already know we will use firearms in the next game. A shotgun and a pistol can be seen in one of the trailers for the game. In particular, the three-legged and three-armed Virginia character can be seen wielding two ranged weapons, a pistol, and a shotgun, simultaneously. 

Since we’re isolated on an island, using some ancient weapons has become inevitable. That’s why our favorite weapon is an axe with a really modern look. A modern crossbow can be seen in one of the photos from the trailer. A crossbow would be no surprise to the players, but we don’t expect you to find it in the early levels since it’s a really powerful weapon. You can also make fire arrows for your modern crossbow during the game.

Last but not least is a taser gun. We don’t know how or where the players find it, but it’s the last weapon you will acquire as you walk through the game. We know that taser guns in FPS games are mostly ignored. However, a place like an island, where you don’t have much firepower, is the best place to protect yourself from challenging enemies.

We’re pretty sure that there are many other weapons and items for self-protection, but these are all we’ve known of the weapons so far. In particular, the last delay of the game to February 23 has caused more obscurity in the game’s inventory.

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