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To survive and thrive in Sons of the Forest, players will need to craft, build, and interact with the island's inhabitants. The shovel is an essential item in the game, and this article covers its location and how to get there.

In survival games, the shovel is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment that players need to get a good start. Similarly, in Sons of the Forest, the shovel is also a vital tool to help you dig up and craft items more quickly and defend against enemies. In addition to digging up and crafting items, the shovel is also an excellent weapon against the monsters in the game. This is because the shovel can be used to bludgeon and cling to enemies you may not be able to kill with a melee attack or shotgun. However, obtaining the shovel may be difficult, especially if you haven’t a Rebreather or Rope Gun equipped.

In addition to being a necessary tool, the shovel is also a key part of the game’s storyline, giving you access to important locations and allowing you to unlock certain items that aren’t possible in the game without it. Here’s how to find the shovel in Sons of the Forest:

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How to Find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest?

Once you have those two things (Rebreather or a Rope Gun), you can make your way through a monster-infested cave and find the shovel. The shovel is found in a cave near the snowy mountains on the map. Head south of a purple GPS locator marker on the map to get there. Once in the cave, you’ll find a symbol for the shovel and three dead workers set on stakes.

First, you need to enter the cave and rappel down over the mounds of bones. Once you’ve rappelled down, you should be able to see a small cave on the other side of the mounds. Once there, you should see a rebreather laying on the floor. This rebreather can be very useful if you want to get underwater and swim out of the cave. It will also allow you to explore the water more effectively, and you can use it to navigate through the tunnels in the cave.

Another important piece of gear to bring with you into the shovel cave is a rope gun, as you’ll need it to use ziplines in the cave to get further into the depths. You can also pick up a Stun Gun along the way to help you with the mounds of mutants and rocks coming at you from all sides.

When you’re ready to enter the cave, you can head to the cave entrance south of the big snowy region on the map. This is the best place to start because it’s closer to the center of the map and north of the beach.

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What to Consider Before Searching for the Shovel?

Before heading into the cave, bringing plenty of water and food is a good idea. These essentials will help you survive the trip and give you a better chance of coming out alive. Despite its small size, this cave is full of monsters, so it’s best to bring an extra person along to protect you from incoming dangers. Additionally, carrying some supplies, such as a tarp and a stick for shelter, is a good idea.

In addition to a Rebreather and Rope Gun, players can bring an air tank and some explosives. These are necessary for navigating the cave full of mutants and Cave Cannibals.

This cave is quite dark, so it’s best to have a flashlight handy. You can scavenge for one from the corpse if you don’t have one. Otherwise, you’ll need to use a time bomb to kill any enemies in the area. You can then go through the cavern and back to the illuminated area to grab the shovel.

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