Sons of the Forest GPS Locator

GPS locators are important in Sons of the Forest as they allow players to locate locations, resources, and even companions easily, and this guide will help you find it and understand how it works.

In Sons of the Forest, you will find numerous collectibles necessary for your survival. Some of these are easy to get, while others require you to explore Sons of The Forest‘s huge map to gather them. The first of these items is a GPS locator, which can be found by following a purple marker on the map. These markers are located in the Northwestern portion of Sons of the Forest, in different biomes like the ocean, plain, and forest.

There are three GPS locators in Sons of the Forest, all of which are dispersed over the game’s vast island. They are marked with purple dots on the game’s mini-map and can be useful for navigating your way to new locations. Each of these GPS locators has its own unique quest to complete. The first can be accessed by completing the Hanged Man GPS Quest, while the second and third can be acquired after finishing the Wooden Cross Grave GPS Quest.

Sons of The Forest GPS Locator
Sons of the Forest GPS Locator 2

Where to Find all three GPS Locators?

There are 3 GPS locators in Sons of the Forest, and all of them require some effort to find:

  1. The first one is a hanged man that needs cutting down.
  2. The second is a buried grave that can’t be dug up
  3. The third is a survival raft in the ocean guarded by sharks.

Each of these locations has its unique puzzle though the overall reward is new weapons and tools for your arsenal going forward, it’s well worth the effort to pick them up.

The easiest of the three locators is on a body that’s hanging by a rope in a mountain range. It can take a while to work your way through the location on the map, but once you’ve done it, you can head up to the clifftop, where the rope is fastened and cut down the body. This is a great way to quickly collect your first GPS locator in Sons of the Forest. You can give it to Virginia, the three-legged woman you can recruit as a companion.

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