Sons of the Forest Virginia

Sons of the Forest trailers show a mysterious woman named Virginia. Even though she has the same name as the mutant with three legs from the first game, this one is different because she hasn’t lost her mind or humanity. She has three arms and legs, blond hair, and is first seen wearing a white leotard. She is then seen in camouflage clothing in the third trailer.

What We’ve Learned About This Virginia Character So far?

Almost all mutants’ behaviors are hostile or half-hostile. For example, cannibals are mostly hostile monsters, but some of them may not attack you unless provoked, which means their actions are based on your actions.

Virginia still keeps her human and, at the same time, female instincts intact. She is scared at first when a fight nearby takes place, but she later adapts herself to the environment and stops being terrifying.

If you choose to get close to her, she will try to get closer to you. Everything becomes one for you once she believes you are not a threat.

Can Virginia Use Weapons?

We already mentioned that she has three arms. This actually means a lot because she can use all three. Once she’s learned how to use ranged weapons, she can use two weapons simultaneously, like a shotgun and a pistol.

Virginia does not give you tasks like any other NPC; you can only interact with her in some ways. You can have her like you, completely ignore her existence, or scare her off.

Virginia wears a white leotard most of the time. However, once she’s learned how to gear herself up, she is seen wearing camouflage clothing in the third trailer. 

All this information is based on what we’ve seen in the official trailers and heard in whispers from developers. There are also many theories regarding Virginia. Virginia has drawn The Hunger Games fans who are interested in theories because she is a female character with neutral behavior.

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