The First Descendant Viessa Guide

Viessa is one of the first Descendants you'll see when playing the First Descendant, and this guide will help you know her better.

The first Descendant is a free-to-play third-person co-op shooter that brings together a cast of characters in an alien-invading world. You are tasked with protecting the Ingris continent as a new military class. During your mission, one of the characters you can play with in The First Descendants is Viessa, a feisty and highly mobile character with an amazing range of debuff abilities.

Viessa is a character that combines high damage and ice debuff abilities to create a unique combat style. She can easily freeze a group of enemies together, which makes her one of the best ice characters in the game.

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Viessa’s Story

Viessa was taken to the excavation site in Snowfield of Dawn after her gang was brought down by the Albion Posse, under the condition that she reclaims her citizenship after labor. Her task was to unearth the Colossus lying behind the snow, but it didn’t last long because it caused everyone to get drenched. She awakened her Arche after being rescued in order to become a Descendant and lessen her sentence.

Viessa is now known as a capable Descendant due to her lack of connections. If she appears to be in a better mood than normal, it is because she has received a compliment from a coworker.

How to Play With Viessa?

Viessa is a character with powerful abilities; however, this does not mean you have to jump into action with her alone. Her CC skills are better used at close-range fights.
She is a character who excels at close-range freezing abilities. This allows her to get into the fight, freeze enemies in place, and make it easier for squad mates to finish off any stragglers. This means that preparing the enemy for your teammates other than directly engaging in the fight by yourself is probably your best strategy.
She can also fire a grenade to slow enemies down and generate ice around her, which is a great way to take on groups of foes easily. Her abilities are simple and easy to use, and they add a new dimension to the game’s more traditional shooting mechanics.
Viessa is your best option when you and your teammates go for boss hunts. Large and powerful bosses are very hard to take down, so debuffing them with Viessa’s ice skills will make them more vulnerable to your attacks.
In terms of her other skills, she has a range of buffs that increase her speed, defense, and damage. Her ice beam attack, for example, can deal 43% damage in a 3.5-meter radius and 36% explosion damage.

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Viessa’s Skills

Ice Sphere: Viessa gains an Ice Sphere charge when she inflicts a level two Ice Shackle on a victim. When an enemy approaches her, a shard of ice bursts out, dealing a percentage of Viessa’s Skill ATK to the target. This effect has a 15-second cooldown.

Frost Fog: Viessa can use a frost fog that can create ice sheets on the ground, and when an opponent comes into contact with these frozen areas, they’ll be inflicted with Ice Shackle. This can be extremely useful for freezing enemies in place and is a good choice for players who enjoy playing a mage character.

  • Viessa gains a 30% movement speed increase
  • Her trail applies two stacks on those who contact her.

Ice Wave – Ice Beam: Ice Wave and Ice Beam, which both apply a debuff called Ice Shackle to any enemies that are hit by them. This slows an enemy down and has four stages, with the final stage leaving them frozen solid. Using these two skills is a very effective way to clear out large groups of enemies and deal heavy damage. The ability of Ice Wave is particularly useful, as it can freeze a lot of enemies with just one shot.

  • Ice Beam deals 3.5 radius explosion.
  • Direct Ice Bream hit activates two stacks of ice shackle; explosion activates one to all enemies within the radius.

Blizzard: Viessa performs a powerful snowstorm attack on the designated area, dealing massive damage in its radius. After 6 seconds, the storm explodes, dealing burst damage to all enemies within the radius.

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