The Slormancer Is Available In Early Access On Steam

The Slormancer is an upcoming action RPG game that carefully crafted pixel art. The Slormancer is available in early access on Steam since last month. If you’re looking for a new Action RPG, this game is a strong candidate to be your favorite.

The Slormancer Trailer

The Slormancer early access trailer gives a lot about the game. You can also find more content about the game, like gameplay videos on The Slormite Studios‘ official YouTube channel.

The Slormancer in a Nutshell

The Slormite Studios is the developer of the game, and the Slormancer is the first game of the developers. It is safe to say that this is an incredible debuted for a two-man developer team.

Basically, The Slormancer is a loot-based action RPG game set in the medieval fantasy kingdom of Adreart. There are many types of loot that you can collect when moving from region to region or from elite enemies.

There are three playable classes in the game. You can play as a mighty warrior, a fierce hunter, or a mischievous mage. You are also free to switch between characters by changing your play style. Each class has its own skills and abilities. You can customize your skill tree and decide your path to become a master.

In short, The Slormancer could be a candidate to be your new favorite action RPG game with its graphics designed in the style of pixel art that doesn’t tire the eyes, and a variety of items and skills.

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The Slormancer Is Available In Early Access On Steam 2

The Slormancer Release Date

The Slormancer is now in early access on Steam since April 6th with its $14,99 price tag. Unfortunately, the game only available for Windows PCs due to early access. When the game is fully released, it’ll definitely release for other platforms like PlayStation and Xbox.

The Slormancer Download in Early Access on Steam

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