Tunic Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Tunic is a game with many things to explore. As we mentioned in our Tunic review, which we strongly recommend you read first, you will need to explore nearly everything on your own. For this reason, we, as Lawod, have tips and tricks for your adventure. Let’s begin:

Don’t Let Enemies Group Up!

In games like Tunic, some enemies might look fairly easy to kill. But when they group up, they will be as deadly as any other. You can dodge one or block the other. But when monsters are all around you, there is not much you can do. So, make sure you take them out one by one. Because death will cause you to lose all your money in the place you die.

Always Look Around For More Treasures

In the game, you don’t need to follow a straight line. As we mentioned several times in our review, exploration is a big part of the game. Always check every corner of the map. Tunic is a rewarding game for Soulslike players who seek treasures all around the map.

Dodging Is Vital

Your shield might be your best friend in the game; it helps you in nearly every situation. But dodging is the best strategy in close-range combat. While dodging, keep your eye on your stamina. In Tunic, balance is a key element. We especially wanted to point this out because many players either don’t use it or don’t think it is effective enough.

Take Your Time, Try New Strategies

One of the best things about the Tunic is its combat. You only have three ways to strike. But the timing of strike or dodge, when to use magic, and blow enemies up (DYNAMITE!) is hard to master. You can’t just jump in, swinging your sword around. Try out new combos if you have failed several times.

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Tunic Beginner's Guide and Tips 2

With No Fail Mode, Don’t Be Afraid Of Monsters!

Last but not least, the game has a mode where you can get as many hits as you can but don’t feel them at all. The No-Fail Mode is a valuable tool to experiment with new strategies (as we mentioned in the previous point) without a penalty or explore the world as a god. At first glance, it might sound like fun. Not dying means you don’t lose anything. But at the same time, it sounds like it would not be fun. Because not dying means you don’t lose anything. Then what is the point? You can find yourself unstoppable for a few hours (at most). And it will just get boring. Without failure or hardship, there is no adventure.

So this is all we have for you. Tunic has a ruthless world. Without help, it is pretty hard to figure out what to do. The encrypted nature of the game causes gamers to gather around and talk about Tunic. We think this is a great way to create a community around the game. We hope these tips will aid you throughout your journey. If you have any tips and tricks you use in your gameplay, let us know in the comments section.

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