Tunic Ability Cards Guide

The Tunic is a game with depth. The gameplay and the world have a simplistic design. So, the player may think the game is easy. But Tunic welcomes you warmly but hosts you harshly. In our previous article, we made an item guide for your journey. We recommend you check it out before you read this one. Also, to improve your overall gameplay, check out our videos about the game. These cards will make you more powerful in many aspects.

How to Use Ability Cards in Tunic?

Click the LB to open a menu to see and wear your ability cards. You can only use one card at the start. But you can upgrade to use up to five cards at once. You can increase your slots by tossing golden coins into wells. For more details, check out our item guide. Without further ado, we are here to teach you about ability cards. Ability Cards in this article are as follows:

1. Magic Echo Ability Card

This card will allow you to recover magic. You can find the card in the Ruined Atoll. From the Fox Shrine, go through, down left, and follow the water. And go right, then you will see a path and a ladder that leads to the chest.

2. Fire Sword Ability Card

As you might have guessed, you need a sword to use this ability. So, we recommend finding the sword before picking up this ability card. You will need to go to the southeast side of the starting map. Locate the door on the platform’s east side. You will need to use your D-pad to open the door. The combination is: down, left, up, right, up, and left. After unlocking, you will gain the ability card. Grands the ability to use the sword to burn your enemies. But the player will have 1 HP.

3. The Bone Ability Card

You will need to travel to the Ruined Atoll again. After teleporting, follow the stairs to the left and find the hidden passage. You will walk around the shoreline and find the knight. Throw a firecracker at the wall to reveal the chest. This card increases your invincibility period when dodging.

4. Tincture Ability Card

This card is next to the Bone Ability card. You can see a purple pipe-like structure over it. Just walk by (or slash if you like) the knight, and you will achieve your reward. This card grants you increased damage with decreased defense.

5. Scavenger’s Mask Ability Card

This card will protect you from health-draining effects and damage. You can find this card at the Monastery in Quarry. You can find the Monastery on the north side of the Quarry. After passing through the Fox Shrine, you can enter the Monastery. At the end of the Monastery, you can find the chest with the card.

6. Perfume Ability Card

One of the most important cards in the game is Perfume. It will increase your stamina recovery. You can find it in the Swamp. From the bonfire, go through the game and climb the nearest ladder. You can only access this place near the end of the game, which allows you to be a ghost.

7. Anklet Ability Card

Okay, here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed. To be the Lightning McQueen, you will need to collect the Anklet ability card that grants an increase in movement speed. You can find it by fighting your way through the dungeons to Forest Fortress. Then go right to the Hero’s Grave. After that, you will find the chest that includes the card.

8. Lucky Cup Ability Card

Make your way southwest from the Central Shrine in the Overworld. After seeing the Teleport area follow down and head west. You will find the chest near a waterfall. This card will give you a chance to drop health from defeated enemies.

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9. Cyan Peril Ring Ability Card

This card will help you in your darkest times. When used, the card increases defense when you are low on health. You will go east from the northern save point and pass under the bridge. After finding the hidden around the Hero’s Grave, you will find the chest with the ability card.

10. Louder Echo Ability Card

First, you need to reach the Under the Well save point. Follow north, head to the right. After following the purple line and finding the chest, run to the north to find the hidden room. This card will grant a higher attack radius after retrieving your soul.

11. Inverted Ash Ability Card

Go to the main golden square in the Overworld and follow through west to the wooden bridge. After passing it, climb the stairs and head west. You encounter a knight on a narrow bridge. You can dodge past him when he attacks(you might get hit). Then you will achieve your chest with Inverted Ash. The card will change Health potions to Magic potions. It’s a bit risky to use it in general. So, we advise you to use this card carefully.

12. Aura’s Gem Ability Card

In the Quarry, when you reach a place where there is a crystal at the center, lead north until you find a ladder. After finding one, go straight. You will see a second one going up to a chest. Then open the chest to achieve your card. This card will increase the time you have while parrying. Very useful against powerful enemies.

13. Bracer Ability Card

If you are a safer, better gamer, this card will be your best ally. This card will decrease the stamina cost while blocking. You can find it in Ruined Atoll. When you are at the center of the map, the Shrine, go north and climb down. Go south and find the chest on your way.

14. Muffling Bell Ability Card

Even though the combat is the main thing about these games. Playing stealth always made me enjoy the games overall. And this card is one of my favorites. The card grants a lower detection range against all enemies. You can find Muffling Bell beneath the Forest Fortress. As you follow the north, you can go through a waterfall and find the chest.

15. Dagger Strap Ability Card

This card is also in Swamp, like the Perfume ability card. The chest is at the right of the save point near the corner. This card will reduce the casting time of the Magic Dagger. This is very useful, considering Magic Dagger freezes enemies for a few seconds.

16. Orange Peril Ring Ability Card

We recommend you find the Lantern before entering the Dark Tomb, where you will find this ability card. Enter the Dark Tomb and tickle (attack, obviously) the two skulls. They will enjoy your act and grant you a path that leads to the chest. This card will make your attacks stronger when your health is low.

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