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Hello, gamers! Today we will be guiding you on your adventure. Tunic has a big world with countless items to use. You might get lost while searching for them. Even if you find one, understanding and being efficient takes time. That’s because we prepared a list for you. You can also find other guides on our YouTube channel. Before starting, don’t forget to check our Tunic review article, so that you don’t miss any details. Without further ado, let’s begin:

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Tunic Items Guide 2

1. Stick

This is the starting weapon. It’s in a house near the beach at the place where the game starts (The Overworld).

2. Sword

It’s the ultimate weapon in the game. It will be your friend all the way. You have to make new strategies for every new enemy. You have to learn how to use it because the Sword is the only weapon in the game (the Stick doesn’t count, of course). We made a guide for finding it. You can check out our Youtube channel.

3. Shield

Your second ally will be the shield. The world is reckless about tunics, and finding them is crucial. You can rely on it in many cases. You can also check out our video about it for a more detailed guide.

4. Keys

Keys are the items that open doors in the overworld. You can find them in chests and only use them once.

5. Gun

A long-ranged weapon that costs magic to use with a wide spray of bullets. You will need the blue Sealed Temple key to collect it. You can find the Gun in the Quarry.

6. Grapple Hook

Another quite useful item in the game. You can find it in Frog’s Domain. It allows grappling to hook points without any cost. Also, you can grapple enemies to stun them at a magic cost.

7. Magic Potion Container

The potion is vital in soul-like games. This item will save your life in any situation. Collecting three Magic Potion Container Shards, which can be found in chests, will grant you a Magic Potion Container. You can also find this item in shops.

8. Magic Dagger

A magical item that freezes the enemies for a few seconds. You can find it in the East Garden, near the Garden Knight.

9. Golden Coin

As Napoleon states, “There is only one thing in this world, and that is to keep acquiring money and more money, power and more power. All the rest is meaningless. ” Well, he is right, at least in Tunic. Golden Coin allows you to upgrade your card slots by tossing a coin into a well. The first two upgrades require 3 coins, the third needs 4 coins, and the fourth costs 5 coins.

10. Lure

The lure is an item that you can use to distract enemies. The game is pretty straightforward, even though it has encrypted text all over it.

11. Effigy

These will be your piggybanks in the game. Make sure to smash them when you are safe to earn coins.

12. Bombs

There are two types in the game. They are Ice and Fire. Ice Bombs will freeze, and Fire Bombs will burn and damage enemies within a radius. The freeze bomb is very effective because it grants you precious seconds to damage your enemies. You can also find Firecracker that damages enemies directly.

13. Ivy

This item is your energy drink. Do you feel tired? Or even exhausted? Use Ivy to recover your stamina in a shorter period of time. Always drink one before you charge into challenging combat.

14. Hot Pepper

Burn your enemies like you burn your mouth. When consumed, you will deal more melee damage to your enemies.

15. Fruits

There are two types: Blue Fruit and Red Fruit. Tunic talks with colors as much as symbols. Red will restore your health. Blue will restore your magic.

16. Fire Staff

The Fire Staff is an effective weapon for long-range combat. You can collect it after opening the Sealed Temple. To reach the Fire Staff, you will need to ring both bells (west and east). It is powerful in the early game but gets weaker as you progress.

Tunic is a gem. The simplicity of the start and the main look of the game tricks the player into thinking it is a basic, shallow game. But it has a depth that no other game shows in the current year. The more we explore, the more we fall in love. We hope this guide will help you on your adventure. Do you have any other tips or ideas about the items? Let us know in the comments below.

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