Retail Royale Early Access Review – Available For Free on Steam

Since the release of PUBG and FortniteBattle Royale has shifted the gaming industry. For many years, gamers have been surviving against zombies on large maps. My favorite title was DayZ. We would gather food and supplies for days. One day, a swarm of zombie attacks leads to our heroic deaths.

Now, many years later, we are surviving but among men. Who could have guessed that our friends, the people we slept next to, would be our enemies? What if those enemies were part of a multinational conglomerate that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories, among other goods and home services? In short, ID(K)EA. Today we will be reviewing Retail Royale:

Retail Royale is a battle royale in a furniture store named IDEA. The game went all out about this furniture store thing. It lets you use everything as a weapon or a resource. Our crazy battle royale was developed and published by DarxDev. It’s an Early Access PvP, with no charge on Steam.

The game starts with a tutorial, which is the best tutorial I’ve seen in a long time. That might sound weird but bare with me. Every room shows you what you will do here with a video at the start. There is nothing to see here except your task.

As we mentioned, you are in a store and deployed in a location of your choice. A match contains a maximum of 16 players. Considering the map is a store, it is a balanced number. After spawning in a box – which was funny to see because we play as a mannequin – you can’t waste any time starting looking for items for resources. While searching around, your ears must be open because anyone could be a room away.

There are some upgrades for your weapons. From our experience, the bleed was the most useful one. Usually, fights take time—most players know how to time their block or attack—so damage per time will be our strongest ally.

After several games, you will get used to the map and build your own strategy. Honestly, this is where the game gets a bit monotone. Play a few rounds with your friends (a couple more hours of playtime). But after that, it’s repetitive. We know that Battle Royales are doing the same thing over and over again. But in this game, there is just not enough content to keep playing for a long time.

Even though we have finished our review with some criticism, we enjoyed the Retail Royale. It was definitely a different experience. A Battle Royale in a furniture store was fun and scary. A naked (many players we encountered didn’t have any clothes) mannequin following you with an ax is not an easy feeling. We can give this game 6/10 Lawod Points. The game is fun for a few hours of fun with friends. Retail Royale is available with its Early Access on Steam. So, we suggest you check out the game with the new updates. What are your thoughts on this title? Let us know if you want more Early Access reviews.

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