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Just like the first game, The ForestSons of the Forest also has players scrambling for survival, dealing with monsters, cannibals, and other perils. Described as a “darker Lost,” Sons of the Forest has various types of monsters and creatures. It is hard to survive without knowing your enemies better in this game. So check out this Sons of the Forest Monster Guide.

Sons of the Forest is already available in beta but has not yet been released. The delay is not a big deal, though, as the game will be available in the first half of next year. The game is being made by the same studio that made the indie hit The Forest, which got a lot of praise.

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Once you’ve progressed through the map, you will see a tribe of monsters and cannibals, of which there are three types:

  • Regular Cannibals
  • Cave Cannibals
  • Masked Cannibals

Regular Cannibals

Just like you can understand from its name, they are often found all around the island. 

Regular cannibals are the weakest type of their kind and can be seen with either red or white marks on their bodies. They can destroy doors and some buildings and steal your resources, so you must be careful when encountering them in the early game. 

You can scare the regular cannibals off with a severed head or show your weapon at close range to do it. However, such methods may not work on all regular cannibals. Some of them may not be scared and try to attack you anyway.

Cave Cannibals

You can encounter unique monsters, the cave cannibals, in caves. They don’t have any weapons or clothing. There are also weak ones, like regular cannibals, but they’re a little bit slower than the others.

It is actually a little bit hard to be detected by a cave cannibal unless you get too close. 

Don’t think they’d not notice you just because they don’t have eyes. So, you better watch your steps while walking through caves.

Masked Cannibals

These golden-mask-wearing types of cannibals are actually stronger than the others. They are quite taller than the other cannibals and wear torn leather clothing. 

They are absolutely aggressive because they even attack their own kind, the other cannibals. 

You can influence them by wearing special masks, which means you can make them think you are one of them. You may have a chance if you do so.

Sons of the Forest Monsters Guide Lawod
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They are probably the ones with the most creepy look. The creature looks like a massive maw with legs. There are no eyes, a nose, or a jaw, in other words, there’s no facial structure in their bodies. 

They are hostile and very sensitive to sound. Try to be as silent as you can when you’re approaching them.


They are conjoined human twins in the game. They have strong hands rather than claws and can be encountered close to caves and walls. They can crawl across many places, like walls.

Other Creatures

There are also other creepy mutants like John 2.0the sausage-looking worm, and a boss from the labs, “The Blob.” 

There are also hostile animals like sharks and killer whales that you may want to watch your steps around when you are close to them.

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