The First Descendant Characters

The First Descendant is a new third-person action RPG shooter by NEXON. There are several characters in the game.

The story of The First Descendant revolves around a group of humans who were given mysterious powers through awakening that they had to use to protect humanity from invaders. They were called the Descendants, and it is their mission to save mankind from extinction. Each of the Descendants has different skills, allowing them to fulfill different roles in a team. For example, Gley can be a close-range dealer who heals her allies, while Viessa is using ice abilities to manipulate enemies and limit their movements.

However, despite their differences in ability, they all have similar stats. This allows players to build teams and find a good balance between support and damage dealers. These Descendants are all-powerful, and each has a specific role to fill in the game’s upcoming main campaign. While the first few levels will focus on introducing each character, players will need to start working together as a team to progress through the story and defeat Karel.

List of Descendants in the First Descendant

There are ten playable characters to choose from, each offering unique abilities and unique loadouts. Some are closer-range damage dealers, while others focus on support.

  • Freyna: This DoT dealer uses poison to kill enemies slowly
  • Ajax: Tank dealer using his survivability to create synergy
  • Viessa: Debuffer freeze control to limit opponent actions
  • Bunny: A Nuker with electricity attacks and incredibly fast legs
  • Lepic: AoE dealer who throws grenades with multiple effects
  • Sharen: Close-range dealer camouflaging herself to avoid herself being detected by the enemy.
  • Ultimate Lepic: This AoE dealer sens frost to deal damage.
  • Jayber: Utility dealer using turrets with various effects, such as attacking and healing
  • Gley: Utitliy dealer that collects life spheres from dead enemies to heal herself or empower her attacks.
  • Blair: To earn energy, this DoT dealer blasts and absorbs fire.

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