The First Tree – Apr 15 / Apr 22 – Epic Games Free Game List

The First Tree is another game that Epic Games will give for free on April 15th. Epic Games continues to make its users happy by distributing three games for free this week. We previously announced that they will give Deponia: The Complete Journey and Ken Folletts The Pillar Of The Earth games for free on April 15th. We also shared the review articles of these games. Let’s take a quick look at the third free game of this week, The First Tree.

We have previously made short reviews of Deponia: The Complete Journey and Ken Follett’s The Pillar Of The Earth, which Epic Games will distribute for free this week. If you wish, you can check out our Deponia: The Complete Journey review and Ken Follett’s The Pillar Of The Earth review article.

the first tree
The First Tree – Apr 15 / Apr 22 – Epic Games Free Game List 3

The First Tree Trailer

You can find the launch trailer of The First Tree, which tells the sad story of a fox, below. Although this looks like a cinematic trailer, it is also a trailer that contains gameplay videos. But, if you want to watch detailed videos about the game, you can search The First Tree gameplay on Youtube. 

The First Tree in a Nutshell

The First Tree is a third-person exploring game that will be distributed by Epic Games for free between April 15 and April 22. We can classify The First Tree as a cinematic fox simulation. It is possible to play The First Tree on many platforms.

The First Tree is the touching story of a fox who takes a journey to the first tree. The First Tree, a game with the taste of animated movies, was developed by David Wehle. The First Tree is actually a game where two different stories are together. In the first story, you play a fox trying to find his lost family. In the second story, there is the story of a son who reconnects with his estranged father in Alaska. The two stories are stories that contain emotions in the original, and the game conveys these stories to us well.

The First Tree System Requirements

Minimum System RequirementsRecommended System Requirements
OSWindows 7 SP1+ (64-bit only)Windows 10 (64-bit only)
Processor2.2GHz CPU Dual Core (SSE2 instruction set support)3.0GHz CPU
Memory6 GB8 GB
GraphicsGeforce GTX 750 / Radeon R7 260X with 1GB MemoryGeforce GTX 750 / Radeon R7 260X with 1GB Memory
The First Tree System Requirements
The First Tree – Apr 15 / Apr 22 – Epic Games Free Game List 4

The First Tree Download

To play The First Tree on your Windows PC, you must add the game to your library on Steam or from the Epic Games Store.

It is available in the Macbook version of The First Tree. To play the game on your Macbook, iPad, or iPhone, simply download the game from the AppStore.

The First Tree has also taken its place on console platforms. If you are a PS4 owner, you can buy The First Tree from the PS Store for $2.99. If you are a Nintendo Switch owner, you can play the game for $9.99 from the Nintendo Store.

It is also possible to play The First Tree on Android-operated devices. You can download The First Tree from Google Play Store and play it on your phone or tablet.

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