Wild Hearts – The Golden Tempest

Wild Hearts is a role-playing action game where players take on the role of a powerful hunter. They battle monsters that are threatening the land of Azuma to restore balance. This article will cover the gigantic Kemono, the Golden Tempest.

The Golden Tempest is one of the giant Kemono in the Wild Hearts world, and it’s a mighty beast that hunters can fight in the game. This tiger-like creature uses the wind to its advantage, and players will need to use Karakuri crafting technology to fight it and defend Azuma from the dangers that lurk in the wilderness.

While not as large or deadly as some Kemono monsters found throughout Azuma, The Golden Tempest is a sight to behold and certainly has impressive moves, like harnessing a wind resembling a magic wand.

It’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of all Kemonos, when it comes to fighting them in Wild Hearts. This way, you can prepare for battles and craft weapons that will help you win.

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How to Fight The Golden Tempest?

The Golden Tempest is an awe-inspiring Kemono that can be found in Akikure Canyon (Chapter 4). Its Elemental Weaknesses are Earth and Fire, and it’s weak to Piercing and Slashing weaponry.

It is a giant tiger-like Kemono that is said to embody the power of the wind and can also pull and push players with its wind manipulation, making it a challenging enemy to battle. It is weak to piercing and slashing weaponry and Earth and Fire elements.

To take down the Golden Tempest, you’ll need to take cover behind obstacles and items while avoiding its powerful whirlwind attacks. The more you anger the Golden Tempest, the stronger its winds will rage, and its attacks will become even more devastating.

The Golden Tempest is arguably the most dangerous Kemono to fight in Wild Hearts, so you’ll want to make sure you have a plan of attack before you engage it. There are several ways to defeat this beast, including using the Celestial Cannon Karakuri and various weapons that can imbue your weapon with the it’s elemental attributes.

During combat, the Golden Tempest can conjure small wind vortexes to suck in foes, fire off razor-sharp gales from tendrils on its shoulders, and produce explosive tornadoes. These devastating attacks will eat away at your character’s health, so it’s important to take cover behind obstacles or items when fighting it.

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