Wild Hearts Armor Guide

The armors in Wild Hearts are an integral part of the game's mechanics. Check out some ideas on making the best armor build in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts has several armors, each with its own distinct visual style and supporting particular playstyles. Each gear set has a unique combination of defense stats, skills, and perks that can significantly impact your combat ability. Choosing the right gear can give you an edge over your opponents, increasing your resistance to attacks, negating status ailments, and conferring passive bonuses. Moreover, armors in Wild Hearts also come with several unique abilities that allow you to improve your damage and resilience.

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How to Make Armors in Wild Hearts?

As with most Monster Hunter-inspired games, Wild Hearts allows you to customize your character’s appearance with various armor sets. These specialized sets offer a unique look and some decent attached skills. However, there are a few hoops you need to jump through before gaining access to these armors.

First, you’ll need to acquaint yourself with the Wild Hearts armor forging system. Unlike the layered armor in other games, this system requires you to gather specific crafting materials and then forge them into pieces of gear.

This process is simple, but collecting the materials necessary to complete each set takes time. Some armor sets are easier to acquire than others, but you’ll still need to scavenge plenty of materials to craft them. Fortunately, most armors are inspired by one of the game’s Kemono, so you can usually hunt down their tails or other body parts to gain the required components.

Another advantage to this system is that it enables you to change your character’s look in the middle of a hunt without waiting for a quest. It’s a good way to change your look daily while making your character appear more distinct.

Moreover, the armor-forging system in Wild Hearts is slightly different from other games in that each piece of gear can be modified, offering better defenses and additional Skills. But before you start upgrading your armor, be sure to understand the differences between the Human and Kemono Paths.

Once you’ve mastered these two paths, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining all of the pieces needed to upgrade most of the armor sets in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts also has a few armors to help you survive the harsh environment. These armors offer excellent baseline protection with cold, fire, and water resistance. In addition, some of them have incredible skills that can significantly enhance your attack power and reduce idle time when you’re fatigued.

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Best Armor in Wild Hearts

If you’re looking for a powerful early-game armor set in Wild Hearts, look no further than the Basara Armor. This is one of the first gears you can craft, and it offers great skill and health boosts for those jumping into the action. You can use this armor set for most of your Wild Hearts adventure, especially in the early game when you’re trying to hunt down the tough giant Kemonos. It has a strong line of Elemental Defense, and its skills are useful for boosting your health and improving your dodge distance, allowing you to fight through the tusks and claws of these monsters easily.

Another important feature of the Basara Armor is its Human-Path and Kemono-Path modifications, which will let you choose a set that fits your style. 

The Human-Path is ideal for gamers looking to use their Human technology to amplify their combat. At the same time, the Kemono-Path is best for players that like using their own natural abilities. Here are the Materials for Basara Armor:

MaterialBaseHuman PathKemono Path
Helmx1 Kingtusk Ivory, x4 Ancient Lumber, x2 Small Crystal Ore, 100 GoldBasara Helm, x1 Basara Teardrops, x3 Kingtusk Bristle, x4 Small Crystal Ore x4, 200 GoldBasara Helm, x1 Basara Kemono Blood, x5 Kingtusk Hide, x4 Small Crystal Ore, 200 GoldNostrum Water
Body Armorx1 Kingtusk Bristle, x1 Kingtusk Tail, x4 Ancient Lumber, 100 GoldBasara Body Armor, x1 Basara Teardrops, x3 Kingtusk Ivory, x5 Kingtusk Horn, 200 GoldBasara Body Armor, x2 Basara Kemono Blood, x3 Kingtusk Ivory, x5 Kingtusk Thorn, 200 Gold
Gauntletsx1 Kingtusk Ivory, x1 Kingtusk Horn, 100 Gold
Field Hakamax1 Kingtusk Hide, x2 Small Kemono Skin, x2 Small Crystal Ore, 100 GoldBasara Field Hakama, x1 Basara Teardrops, x2 Kingtusk Thorn, x3 Kingtusk Tail, 200 Gold
Sune-atex1 Kingtusk Thorn, 100 Horn

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