Wild Hearts Pointed Scale Resource Guide

You'll need Pointed Scale Resources in Wild Hearts to upgrade your weapons, and you can only find them slaying specific monsters. Here is Wild Hearts Pointed Scale Resource Guide.

Wild Hearts is an exciting new title from Koei Tecmo and Omega Force that takes the Monster Hunter franchise in a brand-new direction. It offers expansive areas to explore, co-op mode, and various enemies to battle. While it promises a fun game experience for gamers, getting acquainted with its controls may prove challenging in the early levels.

Wild Hearts presents a lot of information to absorb and learn, especially since it’s an entirely new IP. Fortunately, Wild Hearts boasts numerous resources – like Pointed Scales – that will assist you in your progress through the game.

Wild Hearts Pointed Scale Resource Location Guide
Wild Hearts Pointed Scale Resource Guide 4

Pointed Scales Resource is essential in crafting and upgrading armor, so you need to know where it can be found! Thankfully, the game has two locations where it’s easily obtainable: Akikure Canyon and Fuyufusagi Fort.

Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts can be obtained by killing Nightshade Monitor Kemono (mostly in Akikure Canyon) and Shardshower Monitor Kemono (at Fuyufusagi Fort). Slaying these small lizards shouldn’t be too challenging; some may drop some points for you to collect. You may need to do multiple rounds to earn all your points, but it’s definitely worth trying.

Here are other Kemonos you can defeat and acquire Pointed Scales Resource:

  1. Kingtusk.
  2. Spineglider.
  3. Lavaback.
  4. Gritdog.
  5. Earthshaker (unlocks Akikure Canyon).
  6. Sporetail.
  7. Dreadclaw.
  8. Fumebeak (unlocks Fuyufusagi Fort).
Wild Hearts Pointed Scale Resource Guide Dragon Pits
Wild Hearts Pointed Scale Resource Guide 5

Other Resources You Can Use While Upgrading Items in Wild Hearts

In addition to Pointed Scales, Wild Hearts contain several other useful materials and ingredients which can be collected through kills. These resources can be used for upgrading Dragon Pits, crafting armor, and more!

You can use some of these elements to construct karakuri, structures that provide protection and assistance in combat. These could include self-preservation traps, towers located nearby Kemono, and farms where materials can be harvested!

Before embarking on your next hunt, it’s worth picking up a few resources. These will enable you to progress in the game and craft some amazing weapons and gear!

Wild Hearts Crustaceous Moss Lawod ss
Wild Hearts Pointed Scale Resource Guide 6

Wild Hearts also requires Crustaceous Moss, which can be collected from Kemonos around Azuma and used to craft or upgrade Armor and Weapons!

Furthermore, you can collect Serpent Slough – a rare material that can be crafted into various weapons and items. While this resource may be hard to come by, it’s totally achievable!

Wild Hearts‘ next essential resource is Crustaceous Mushrooms. These can be crafted into some truly amazing weapons and armor pieces!

Contrary to other resources in Azuma, you cannot simply swing your sword at some Crustaceous Mushrooms and collect their drops. Some of the Kemono are poisonous and must be battled in order to gain their drops.

These creatures can be found in a few other spots, but Akikure Canyon is the most likely destination. Here, you’ll find Buddha Caves and Kemono Lair Dragon Pits; however, for the latter one to get in you’ll need to use your bomb fusion karakuri which requires blasting through a wall!

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