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Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythm game with a one-trick pony concept. Your job is to slaughter everything you see in the halls of the Hells. Here is how to download and where to get the game.

Metal: Hellsinger is a game with Bullets-Per-Minute-like gameplay. The game feels like you are in a death metal music video with its songs and game visuals. If you want to learn more about the game, you can check out our Metal: Hellsinger review article. If you’ve already read that article, below you can find the download options for Metal: Hellsinger.

What is the Metal: Hellsinger?

Metal: Hellsinger is a next-gen FPS that features intense first-person shooter gameplay. It has similarities with the DOOM and QUAKE and offers a unique vibe during your play.

In Metal Hellsinger, players take on the role of The Unknown, carving a path of destruction through Hell, wielding fantasy-themed guns, and performing rhythmic actions. You’ll become more powerful as you fire in time with a hard rock soundtrack. When you hit a damage multiplier, the music becomes more intense, adding driving vocals to the mix.

While there aren’t many minigames or challenges in the game, the replay value is in doing it better. Using perks and boons from later Hells can help you advance further in the game. You can also play with different weapons on different levels.

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On What Platforms is the Metal: Hellsinger?

Metal: Hellsinger was developed by the Swedish developer The Outsiders and published by Funcom. The game was released on September 15, 2022. The game is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. There has yet to be any announcement from the developers about a possible port to the Nintendo Switch.

Where to Get the Metal: Hellsinger?

Metal: Hellsinger is available in all the big game stores. If you are a PC user, you can purchase the game via Steam for $29.99.

Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 users can get the game via the Microsoft and Playstation stores at the same price as PCs ($29,99).

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Metal: Hellsinger PC System Requirements

Metal: Helsinger does not require a lot of specifications from you. If you have a PC that is a little bit better than a low-end one, then you won’t have any problem running the game. Here are the minimum and recommended system requirements for the game:


  • 64-bit Windows 10 OS
  • Intel® Core™ i5-3450 / AMD equivalent processor
  • 8 GB RAM Memory
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 / AMD Radeon™ RX 550 graphics
  • DirectX 11
  • 12 GB available space


  • 64-bit Windows 10 OS
  • Intel® Core™ i7-6700K / AMD Ryzen™ 5 1500X processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 graphics 
  • DirectX 11
  • 15 GB available space

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