Weather Machine Kickstarter

Weather Machine is one of the tabletop games that is funded on Kickstarter. This great project already reached its goal in only a few days after the launch. Today, it almost reached 1 million dollars with more than 6,000 backers. The number of tabletop games funded on Kickstarter is increasing every month and has become a trend.

If you want to be one of the backers, you need to take action now since the project will end on December 18, 2021. Below, you can find detailed information about the Weather Machine Kickstarter project.

What Is Weather Machine?

Weather Machine is one of the promising games funded on Kickstarter. The game managed to attract attention with its low funding goal, which was only $150,000. It is worth noting that the developer of the game is an employee-owned company called Eagle Games. The gaming studio has already been released famous board games in the past and has been active since 2001.

In this game, you are going to survive mankind by controlling the weather with a bunch of scientists. The developers released plenty of amazing tutorials to let you know about the gameplay and story. It is worth noting that each tutorial takes about three hours! So, get ready for a challenging and fun game!

What Can You Get by Backing Up the Weather Machine Project?

Eagles Games offer three awards depending on how much you fund. These are a weather machine game, a signed copy, and an express copy. If you wonder what is included in the box, get ready for numerous items!

Players will receive a game board, rule book, 4 player aid books, 4 scientist meeples, 48 bots, 4 dual-layer player laboratories, lativ meeple, assistant meeple, and 5 lativ bots. As resources, you will get 35 research tokens, 12 award tokens, and 12 citation tokens.

As markers, you are going to get 3 government markers, 5 lock tokens, Nobel Prize, 4 turn order markers, 4 initiative markers, 12 funding markers, 4 scoring markers, 20 voucher markers, and 24 breakthrough markers.

Players will also get 15 extreme weather tiles, 15 experiment tiles, 30 workshop tiles, 15 subsidy tiles, 12 investment tiles, 50 machine parts, and 36 goal tiles.

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